pc based automotive lab scopes

Secondary ignition

pressure pulse tester

Used to diagnose exhaust, intake and crankcase pressure fluctuations.

The Car Scope Pro

Professional wireless scope

     When you want speed, accuracy and affordability then this is the smart choice. This is an affordable way to diagnose today's high tech cars. With built in wireless and with 4 channels diagnostic time is greatly reduced. This scope is built for the automotive industry. There are several "presets" that will allow you to just hook up and go without the need to set a voltage scale, trigger or time base. The Car Scope Pro is also fully capable of diagnosing primary and secondary ignition as well as coil on plug. 

     Installation is a breeze on any laptop or desktop running Windows XP, Vista, or 7. Great News!!! The Car Scope Pro now runs on Windows 10.

 More Great News!!! We now offer the Car Scope Pro as a wired (ethernet) scope with enhanced speeds. Updates are always FREE. Contact us for any questions you may have. 


A complete kit for diagnosing cylinder pressures, timing, intake and exhaust valve issues and restricted exhaust

Missing cam signal

Injector voltage and amperage pattern

Low current probe

Used to measure current flow of injectors, ignition coils and solenoids for proper operation. 

high current probe

Used to measure current flow of large electrical loads such as alternators and starters. This can be used as a relative compression test 

Coil on plug sensor

For use on all lab scopes to look at ignition systems with coil on plug 

lab scope accessories

Here are just some of the accessories for your labscope. Be sure to check out all the accessories on the purchase page. 

the Car Scope Viso


The Viso is a handheld 7" touchscreen 2 channel automotive lab scope. This is a self powered fully functional digital storage oscilloscope. Each channel of the Viso has its own independent A to D converter for the fastest update rates possible. Software updates are always free and can be downloaded via the USB cable supplied with the unit. We will send you an email letting you know there is an update and you can download it from the web to a PC then transfer it via the USB cable. The Viso has built in presets for all of the most common automotive circuits as well as a library of common wave forms.

lab scopes and accessories



Chrysler cam and crank sensor pattern with a glitch.